Knit'n'Nosh Christmas 2020

Finally, I have got around to the recipe book! For many years some of our regular guests at Knitting holidays in France have suggested a book of the recipes we serve up during the retreats and workshops. Knit'n'Nosh Christmas 2020 is the first issue.

The book contains 16 recipes for comforting home cooked meals which include starters, soups, snacks, veggie meals and some sweet treats. The 7 knitting designs have a Christmas theme, scroll down to see a few of the images. 

cable bowl 1jpg
Winter Bowl

starry night beanie 2jpg
Starry Night Beanie

jingle bells backjpg
Jingle Bells Tank Top

smoked salmon 2jpg
Smoked Salmon parcels

mustard dressingjpg
Mustard and Honey Dressing

Pear and St Agur bake

pumpkin curryjpg
Pumpkin and Coconut Curry

choc cakejpg

Melting Chocolate Cake