Rockin' Robin cushion inspiration

I have really enjoyed designing this cushion. I wanted something with a Christmas feel to it without being too specific.
Robin's are a symbol of winter, we have a cheeky little one (I like to think it is the same one!) that arrives at the end of October and stays through to the spring. He pinches all the food on the ground that the sparrows and blue tits knock off the bird feeder and comes up to the kitchen door looking for treats. 
I used this Christmas card saved from last year as the starting point. Christmas and Birthday cards are always a great source for knitting designs, so I never throw them away.


The ivy trailing along our garden wall was perfect for the fairisle design on the back of the cushion.


And the Christams trees were inspired by some wooden decorations that Culli made and the spruce branches at the bottom of the Christmas card. A few beads add some sparkle.


Buy the Rockin' Robin knitting pattern here

Robin cushion 1jpg