It doesn't matter what you call your unfinished projects, most of us have some! My one and only resolution every New Year is to finish them all and of course I never succeed. So this year I thought I would get off to a flying start by sorting through all the various bags and baskets and hope that listing them all here will encourage me to finish them off.
So here we go, in no particular order - 

1. This is the CAL that Carol Meldrum designed for our free pattern at the start of the March Lockdown, All it needs is blocking, a few ends to sew in, join the squares and a fabric backing!


2. Cable chair cover. I designed this for an old armchair we have, I think I must have started it in 2016 and have since had to make a fabric loose cover for the chair as it was in such a state. However, I am determined to finish it.

chair coverjpg

3. Culli's aran sweater. My husband has always wanted a traditional aran sweater, as I feel guilty about how few handknitted sweaters he has I thought this would be a great project, there is nothing I like more than a bit of cable knitting. I started this a couple of years ago and can't remember why I stopped, but one thing leaps to mind - He is definitely not a cream kind of a guy, he tends to live in his favourite sweaters and that means while he is wood-turning, cooking, drinking red wine, splitting firewood........ I think I need to rip this out and start again in navy blue or dark grey. 

culli-s aranjpg

4. Dotty Top. This gorgeous design by Belinda Harris-Reid was given to me as a kit by two of my lovely regular guests at Knitting Holidays in France. I have changed the design a little just to make it a bit wider with a longer rib and was really enjoying knitting it so have no idea why it hasn't progressed, perhaps it vanished into a black hole somewhere.

dotty topjpg

5. Fields of Gold by Jane Crowfoot. This beautiful blanket has a sad story. I started to make it for a very dear friend when she was diagnosed with cancer. I have known Bar since I was 17, we met when I started at Art college in Brighton, she was 10 years older than me but we became great friends and she was always there for me. Tragically she lost her battle with cancer and died in May 2018, before I had finished the blanket. Bar will always be with me in spirit and I am determined to finish this one soon. I have made the blanket from stash in aran weight yarns so every sunflower is slightly different.

fields of goldjpg

6. Holiday project. This has been the project I always take with me on holiday, it is small and light to transport and being crochet easy to work on in small spaces. Eventually it is going to be a summer top but as it is a very fine cotton and I tend to resort to reading rather than knitting or crochet when I am on holiday it has been on the go for a few years. It has travelled half way around the world twice, but now that long haul flights are a distant memory due to Covid and lack of funds I think I need to put it in the every day project pile.

holiday crochetjpg

7. Mystical Lanterns by Jane Crowfoot. I am ashamed to say that this kit was a Christmas gift 2 years ago and this is all I have done! I also have the kit for Bohemian Blooms sitting waiting to be started. I think these will be good projects for the summer.

mystical lanternsjpg

8. I call this my motorway blanket as I started knitting it in the car (as a passenger!) on the long journeys through France to the ferry port. But as we haven't been able to get back to the UK for over a year now the half finished blanket has been lingering in a bag. The design is by Erika Knight from her book Simple Knits for Easy Living, the squares are just a mix of stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch, perfect for those times when you don't want to have to concentrate. I think I might resort to finishing this one off on the knitting machine.

simple knits blanketjpg

9. Colour block sleeveless sweater. This was a design i started last year as a stashbuster, all it needs is blocking and stitching. I will finish it and hope it might work as a pattern for KnitKits.

sleeveless stash sweaterjpg

10. Wristwarmers. I finished these in december and all they need is a bit of finishing off and blocking, why on earth didn't I do it then??

Okay so a total of 10, not as many as some years! However, there are plenty more like the wristwarmers that I am too ashamed to add to this list because all they need are buttons sewing on or blocking. The decision now is which one do I start with?